Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sketch Seattle 2015, A Year To Remember

Sketch Seattle had an amazing 2015 summer season with lots of great memories. Participating students were guided through sketch adventures in Pioneer Square, Port Townsend (Olympic Peninsula), Seattle Center, and also Pike Place Market with special guest artist Don Colley, sketching madman from Chicago.

Ron & Derek would like to thank all our students and fans for making our second year such a creative success!

As we look toward 2016, there are lots of ideas in the mix. Soon these ideas will become reality and you can pick and choose which class opportunities work best for you.

Sketch Twin Peaks has been on the calendar for 2016 for quite some time. We are very lucky to live near North Bend and many of the other filming locations for the cult favorite TV show Twin peaks from the early 90's. When it was announced that David Lynch would return with a new season of Twin Peaks 25 years later, we knew we had to do this. Details will be revealed this winter, and we will bring students to a few of the key filming locations to sketch...who knows, we may even run into Agent Cooper?!?

Black Lodge Coffee Sketch by Derek Gundy

It is happening again... Sketch Twin Peaks 2016 

We hope to add at least one Portland Workshop during the summer of 2016. Portland has a lot of great sketching locations and has a little bit of everything, as well as a great artist base to work with. Another location that may be paired with that or along a tour will be Astoria, OR. We love the old fishing town history and real grit of Astoria, it has a lot of character and back story to add to your artwork. Keep an eye out for details this winter on  

Burnside Bridge, water soluble graphite sketch by Derek Gundy

Sketching Astoria in an accordion dreamcatcher sketchbook

Our Port Townsend class was phenomenal in July and we hope to return in 2016. The Victorian buildings and dignified weirdness of this seaport had everyone wanting more. Expect to see us back in PT for another event. 
Hastings Building sketch by Derek Gundy

Seattle locations will be determined soon. If you have a suggestions, please email it to us at . Your feedback is very important to us and we  will make every effort possible to bring you to the best locations.

Pioneer Square Pergola Marker Sketch by Ron Stocke

Sketch Seattle also will expand in the coming year with more possible guest artist events, as our workshop with Don Colley at Pike Place Market was an unforgettable experience. Your sketchbook is your most powerful tool to help you tackle challenges on location and raise the level of your artwork. We also hope to offer plein-air painting workshops that reinforce this, using a combination of sketching on location as well as painting full size on location, and in the studio. As artists we all are trying to get better every day, and we want to help you meet those challenges.

Sketch by Don Colley at Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle

Thanks everyone for a great year, and keep sketching into the holidays as we work out the details for next season.


Ron & Derek

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