Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sketch Seattle with Ron Stocke & Derek Gundy

Please join us for a summer schedule of adventurous sketching workshops at various locations around the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington.

Using pencil, pen, & light watercolor, you'll learn how to do simplified thumbnail sketches, layout your values (lights & darks), and capture the broad view of your subject. Ron and I will guide you throughout the day, starting loose, and then pulling your sketches together with the final details.

Sketchbooks are the absolute #1 most important tool an artist has at their disposal. And with these workshops you will receive a Bee Paper Super Deluxe Sketchbook absolutely free!

At this time our first sketchbook workshop is tentatively scheduled for Saturday June 28th, location & subject TBA. If you are interested in this and other sketchbook workshops, please email me at with any questions you may have.

Our new website  is in the works.... Stay tuned for more details!

Smith Tower, Seattle, sketchbook page by Ron Stocke
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Cobb Building, Seattle, sketchbook page by Derek Gundy 
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